My name is Tim, and I’m currently located in Concrete, WA

I grew up in Oregon farm country—in the idyllic embrace of the lush Willamette Valley, moved up north for college and then lived most of my adult life until 2020 in Portland, Oregon, learning how to do everything I wanted to do. 

Most of my paid hours (and many unpaid hours too!) were filled by learning how to make photographs, coffee, food and conversation. I worked my way through many coffee shops, bars, farmers’ markets, and other little specialty shop experiments. I made photos for food publications, Japanese lifestyle magazines, published a silly little book, and even was granted the opportunity to photograph a handful of friends’ weddings (link below!)

My desire to feel at home again first led me into carpentry work; and has culminated in moving back to a rural setting and eventually starting my own business as a general contractor.
This decision was completely experimental in nature and could only have become possible for me after spending countless hours working my way toward becoming a master carpenter under the direction of many other skilled tradespeople at other high-end design/build  companies where I cut my teeth.

I learn something new every day, and as long as this planet allows me to be here, I will keep trying to find ways to be better.

I remodel all kinds of houses and many other types of  structures that need repair or improvement.

I have also poured foundations and worked on building houses, garages, and ADUs from the ground up.

I do things right and take my time. In my experience, many other contractors work as quickly and poorly as they can get away with because they don’t respect their clients. I am not that kind of person!

email ︎ timdroth at gmail dot com

call or text me
︎ 1-503-910-3069

Tim Roth
7825 Fir St.
Concrete, WA 98237

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